Calmair airlines

    From fishing camp to Central Canada’s regional airline! The Calm Air story begins in the 1950’s with the Company’s founders, Arnold and Gail Morberg, building a fishing camp on Black Lake, Saskatchewan. Recognizing the importance of reliable air service to their camp and guests, Arnold earned his pilot’s license and purchased a small single-engine float plane. By 1962, Calm Air had a charter license at nearby Stony Rapids and the Company moved not only guests and supplies to Morberg’s Camps but served the communities needs as well. (It is interesting to note that the company derived its name from the initials of Arnold’s full name, Carl Arnold Lawrence Morberg). In 1969, Arnold and Gail bought Fred Chupka’s Northern Manitoba airline operation based in Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Twin OtterSoon after, Calm Air began scheduled Twin Otter passenger service throughout the area. Lynn Lake would become home base for both the Morbergs and their Company over the next sixteen years, as Arnold and Gail raised their four children and expanded their business. The 70’s saw construction of the new hydro-electric power facilities and mining exploration, creating the opportunity for rapid growth in Northern Manitoba and for Calm Air.

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